Predictive ML for data analysts

The #1 Predictive Analytics Software for Data Analysts

Pecan empowers data analysts with basic SQL knowledge to easily create powerful machine learning predictive models in just a matter of hours. Yes, hours!

Easy-to-start, easy-to-connect, easy-to-build predictive models.

Easily connect to any data source with no preparation needed, even if your data is messy. Pecan will do the heavy lifting and automatically create AI-ready tables for you.

Pecan's Predictive Chat

Tell Predictive Chat about your modeling goals

Use our Predictive Chat to describe what you need to predict. It’ll use your input to customize a model that suits your business and goals.

Work with your Predictive Notebook

Our pioneering generative AI will use your chat details and data to create an easy-to-use, customized notebook-style modeling experience in SQL. The Predictive Notebook will walk you through the process. Once you start training your model, relax while automated data prep and feature engineering get everything ready — even if your data was messy.

Privacy and security

Pecan takes privacy and security seriously. Securing your data and adhering to compliance are our top priorities.

Pecan's Predictive GenAi drives business growth.